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Upper Face Lift Surgery - Beat the first signs of aging

Upper Face Lift Surgery is a facial treatment that helps enhance upper third part of your face which includes the eyes, forehead and brows. With modern and improvised technologies in surgical skin rejuvenation, you have several options to enhance your appearance.

These treatment options include dermal fillers (injectibles) or Fat Transfer (AFT) popular for replacing lost volume of lips, cheeks and other areas of the face. When combined with facial rejuvenation surgery, you can have:

  • complete rejuvenation of your face
  • youthful eyes, cheeks, and jaw area
  • restored facial volume

Generally, the upper part of your face remains covered with different hair styles. However, if you are particularly concerned about your eyes, brows and forehead, upper face lift might be a skin treatment you desire.

Am I the right candidate for an Upper Facelift Surgery?

You are considered as a right candidate for upper facelift surgery, if you:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Have balanced weight
  • Endure skin healing abilities and sufficient nutrition
  • Do not smoke or could quit smoking for at least two months to one year for desired results
  • Have wide forehead (the area between your brows and hairline)
  • Are concerned about ageing signs in the upper area of the face
  • Have adequate skin elasticity and collagen  
  • Are in your 40s or above
  • Have your personal reasons for undergoing the surgery
  • Want to reshape your forehead or hairline

Upper Face lift Surgery Options

If you have noticed signs of ageing on your upper area of face, you may have:

  • heavy upper eyelids
  • sagging eye brows
  • wide forehead, that is, high hairline
  • deep wrinkles on the forehead
  • dull and aged appearance due to wrinkles and drooping brows
  • deep furrows (area between brows)

These signs might leave you with a feeling of:

  • Looking older than your real age
  • Ignoring cameras
  • Being self-conscious in social conditions in front of young colleagues
  • Covering your upper half with hair styles to hide the signs of ageing
  • Being treated like a different person due to your aged look

How an Upper Facelift can minimise ageing of your upper facial area?

With ageing, you start noticing lines and wrinkles on your forehead due to regular muscle movements. This makes you look older and eventually there reflects further signs like:

  • horizontal lines on the forehead
  • vertical lines between the brows, giving you an all-time angry look
  • an unattractive, dull and tired appearance due to the aged look
  • some permanent expressions over your face due to wrinkled eyes and brows

With upper face lift surgery, our surgeons can help take off the extra years from your aged appearance. It is done by removing the wrinkles and lines from the forehead, and restoring your brow line to the ideal position to restrict sagging.

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