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Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment

Are your under-eye wrinkles giving away your age? The skin around your eyes is particularly thin and delicate, meaning the under-eyes are left vulnerable to damage. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark bags and age spots are just some of the unwanted marks left by aging. A simple face thread lift can help you look fresher and younger — it’s the perfect, non-invasive wrinkle treatment for the under-eye area.

What Causes These Under Eye Wrinkles

  • Aging – One of the major causes of eye wrinkles is aging. With age, it is quite normal to develop wrinkles and fine lines. The elasticity of your skin decreases and it becomes more dry and thin leading to wrinkles.
  • Smoking – Skin is not only bad for you but it also affects your skin condition to a great extent. Other than causing yellow stains or making you rude, smoking can also make wrinkles appear deep and dark. Smoking also makes your hands and neck more aged than they actually are.
  • Facial expression and movements – If you perform the same facial movements regularly, this can cause creases and wrinkles on your skin. As you stretch your face, the skin’s elasticity reduces and loses its capacity to bounce back. Laughing, frowning and squinting are some ways that can cause eye wrinkles.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight – You should avoid direct sun rays at any cost. Most people spend a lot of time in the sun which causes eye wrinkles. These dangerous ultra violet rays give off free radicals which are produced by the rays of sun. This makes your skin turn pink and damages the delicate skin under your eyes.
  • Poor facial skin care – You need to take care of your facial skin to keep it soft and moisturized during summer and winter season. People who do not care for their skin develop deep and dark wrinkles once they become old. As such, people with dry skin will find wrinkles at an early age than the ones who have oily skin.
  • Proper nutritional habits – If you do not eat proper food, chances are you’ll develop wrinkles under your eyes. You can lessen the appearance of wrinkles under your eyes by eating healthy food items which include – fruits, vegetables, fish that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Hereditary and genital factors – Hereditary is something that most people try to avoid these days, however it will stick to you in some way or the other. In the past generation, women didn’t take care of their skin like the present generation does. By taking proper care, you can have beautiful and youthful skin.

Effective Eye Wrinkle Treatment

We’re proud to provide facelift threading, a subtle yet effective eye wrinkle treatment that offers all the aesthetic benefits of a traditional facelift, but without the hassles of surgery. A thread facelift on the under-eye area will lift and tighten the skin, injecting some sparkle and youth into your face. The treatments we suggest for wrinkles and fine lines will depend on your skin condition, age and lifestyle.

Begin with a free computerised skin analysis at the nearest clinic so that the specialists can spot out any wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation and give you a clear picture of your skin how it will appear in 10 years.

The biodegradable PDO threads used in this non surgical facelift boost the collagen and elastin your skin’s been missing out on. The result? Your under-eye skin will look be plumped from the inside out. This has the dual effect of reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and endowing sparkle and youth to your whole face. Following your facelift without surgery, your eyes will look wider, brighter, and all-around healthier.

Prevent wrinkles and fine lines with proper skincare

Our anti-ageing skincare is packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other natural products that help smooth, hydrate and plump your skin in the morning and at night. Apart from effective treatments like skin peels and medical microdermabrasion, you can protect your skin from wrinkles and fine lines. We provide valuable tips on how to have youthful skin with some changes in your diet plan, lifestyle and sun protection.

Consult our experts for under eye wrinkles treatment

Book an appointment with us today at Thread Lift Clinic and get the younger-looking skin you really deserve. Give us a call on 020 34752649, or drop an email at info@threadliftclinic.co.uk to know more about our under eye wrinkles treatment.

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