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non surgical mini face lift

Sagging Cheeks and Facial Skin Treatment

Sagging cheeks are one of the most prominent signs of aging. Diminishing skin elasticity and facial fat causes drooping, loss of facial contours, and an overall “drawn” look. Good genetics, nutrition, and keeping a stable weight can go along way in protecting your cheeks and delaying the inevitable change age brings — but you may also need a helping hand. You need a proper skin treatment for sagging face and cheeks to rejuvenate your facial skin.

Sagging facial skin treatment - lift your cheeks and contour your face

Facelift threading is used to lift and tighten sagging cheeks. Quick but effective, a thread facelift gives you a natural solution for sagging face along with all the aesthetic benefits of a traditional facelift without the hassles of surgery.

The biodegradable PDO threads used in this non surgical sagging face treatment boosts the vital collagen and elastin your skin’s been missing out on. The result? Your skin looks smoother, brighter, and your cheeks are restored with a subtle fullness.

Following your facelift without surgery, you will enjoy a more youthful, refreshed, and confident appearance for many years to come.

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