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non surgical mini face lift

Reverse the unwanted signs of aging with a face thread lift

I’ve has a bad case of ‘double chin’ from loose skin from quite a young age so I when I heard I could fix it without surgery I jumped at the chance. Have to say I’m really pleased with the treatment and it looks so natural. Thoroughly recommend the procedure and the clinic!
- Janet T.
A good friend of mine from the states was raving about her thread lift and I thought it was just some sort of nip and tuck thing but after I saw her face I was so surprised at how fresh faced and natural she looked. I have since had the treatment on my face and it is fantastic! I didn’t want to look like I had surgery to be younger but rather to look well for my age. My friends and family are shocked at the difference and how natural it looks. The clinic was great too and I’ve become somewhat a regular at their skin clinic. THANK YOU!
- Maggy E.
I had the treatment for my upper arms after a big weight loss over the past year or so. I couldn’t get rid of the excess skin and it was really affecting my self-confidence. It tightened the sagging skin on my arms and it now matches the hard work I put in! I don’t feel bad about getting my arms out or wearing dresses anymore. It’s a really good feeling and the procedure was so simple I was up and about in no time.
- Gabriella P.
The results have really surpassed my expectations. The contouring is perfect and so natural, LOVE IT! I haven’t felt and looked this good in years.
- Alexis. M.
I’ve been thinking about getting a facelift for a while but I always worried that it would look very obvious or it would go horribly wrong! After some research into thread lifting I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. The results are subtle and most importantly NATURAL LOOKING!
- Guillia F.
I’ve had a wrinkly forehead since I was 20 probably but my wife told me about PDO threadlifting and I was dismissive at first but after a chat with the DR he talked me through it and then to my surprise said he had done it himself! My forehead looks less like that of a Shar Pei! Maybe I’ll sort out the saggy neck as well in the future. Definitely recommend.
- Marc H.
I had very distinct and deep crows feet and decided to try thread lift. Really happy with the results and the team, who were super friendly and professional. Very much recommend it!
- Vicky M.
Unbelievable results! Im so pleased with how my neck has turned out, the skin is tightened up and it has made such a big difference to how I look. Well worth the money!
- Hannah G.
I opted for a thread lift instead of a traditional face lift and I couldn’t be happier. It looks very natural and it was done in no time. The Clinic is fantastic and the Dr was so informative. I have already recommended a few of my friends.
- Sarah H.
It’s perfect for getting rid of saggy skin. My thighs and arms had loose skin after weight loss so I decided to try thread lifting because of how natural the results were. Its been a few months now and everything looks tight and natural!
- Harriet K.
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