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non surgical mini face lift

Lower Face Lift Surgery - Sculpt your lower face with a thread facelift

A lower face lift surgery can help tighten the skin of your lower face and jowls. It is one of the most popular treatments used to rejuvenate the lower part of the face, such as neck area and jaw line. Brow lift surgery (Upper Facelifts) and blepharoplasty (Eye lid surgery) are the most sought out treatments that can give a younger appearance. Lower face lift is combined with a full face lift or neck lift to achieve best results for facial rejuvenation.

Are you a good candidate for Lower Facelift Surgery?

Candidates who are suitable for this surgery have:

  • good health
  • stable weight
  • strong healing capacity and fairly elastic skin
  • signs of ageing present on their neck area, howls and bottom third of their faces
  • saggy, loose skin around their jaw lines
  • excess skin on their neck or excessive neck fat

The Lower Facelift Procedure

  • A small incision will be made in front of the ear that extends down and behind the same area
  • In case this procedure is combined with neck lift then a small cut under the chin will be made at the same time
  • The next step will be separating the skin from the tissues present below the skin
  • Excess fat will be carefully removed and the excess skin will be trimmed to give it a smooth appearance
  • The incisions and cuts made will be stitched with the help of special threads
  • The treated area will be bandaged and proper instructions will be provided, of how to take care of your skin after the recovery

How much does a Lower Facelift cost

This procedure varies upon the clinic and skills of the performing surgeon. Generally, the price of this treatment starts from £1200.

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