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PDO Thread Lift Procedure: Latest Treatment to Fight Aging

Posted Date :        April 07, 2017
PDO Thread Lift

Today, an increasing number of both men and women are seeking effective ways to get over their signs of early aging. The use of Botox as a preventative measure by young women ans girls in their twenties hasbecome a common thing these days.

In the recent times, a modern treatment has been introduced named PDO thread lift. Hearing about this, we took interest in knowing more about the thread lift process and here is what we found for you:

Q: What is the expanded form of PDO?
A: Its full form if Polydioxanone which is a synthetic surgical suture made up of polydioxanone.

Q: What do you mean by PDO threads?
A: PDO threads are nothing but needles filled with an harmless PDO suture.

Q: Does the thread get dissolved?
A: Yes, they get completely dissolved in your skin for around six months and while all this time, your skin gets repaired for the construction of new collagen in a natural process.

Q: Are they safe to be injected in the body?
A: The PDO thread lift procedure is considered amongst the safest materials that can be inserted into your body. An evidence of this is use of PDO sutures in oprn-heart surgery.

Q: People say that it is specifically effective in case of a drooping neck or jawline. Is this true and how does this work?
A: Yes, it is true. Actually the problem is that treating the lower part of the face becomes challenging for the injectible fillers and lasers. But with PDO threads, cosmetic medical sciene have evolved to another level. The threads when placed into your skin creates more collagen in amesh pattern and lifts the area of your face under treatment. You can even see the improvements immediately but the average time frame for the results varies between the next six months. Your skin starts building more collagen to support the lift for long.

Hopefully, we have brought you all the essential information about the efficient thread lift procedure and now you can fight your early signs of aging.