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Non Surgical Facelift is the Pain Free Option for Youthful Appearance

Posted Date :        April 03, 2017
Non Surgical Facelift

Ever evolving technology has helped improving cosmetic treatment procedures to a great extent. Thus, the days of undergoing plastic surgery to combat the ageing signs are now over. Non surgical treatment options to defy ageing are steadily rising in popularity. These latest therapies are not only non surgical in nature but also non invasive and do not even involve a single injection. So, everyone from average person to celebrities is eagerly undergoing non-surgical facelift therapies to appear younger than their actual age.

If you too are planning to undergo this therapy, read on to know more about this modern cosmetic skincare treatments.

Rejuvenating the facial muscles: With advancing age, your muscles start losing the tone and elasticity. This makes the skin appear less youthful and unattractive compared to your younger days. To overcome this problem, cosmetic and skincare experts are providing the CACI (or Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) Ultra therapy to rejuvenate the facial muscles, which in turn takes care of your sagging facial skin.

How the therapy works:

The cosmetic therapy uses a combination of various waveforms with different frequencies to tighten the sagging facial muscles. It also boosts collagen and elastin production in a patient’s body. The overall treatment procedure is broken down in steps.

1. Your skin around the targeted body part is first cleansed, using a microdermabrasion technology that involves no crystals. This step is also called exfoliation of the skin. If you are scared thinking that this step is painful, then be least assured that it is not.

2. The next step in non surgical facelift treatment is called the red and blue light therapy. At this stage, your facial cells and tissues are repaired and regenerated to minimise the signs caused by excessive exposure to the sun, acne, natural scarring and blemishes.

3. In the third step of the treatment, the affected muscles are toned and their natural elasticity is enhanced by holding a pair of hand held probes around them. It transmits electro magnetic frequency to the natural bio electrical field present in your body. This helps restoring tone and elasticity of the muscles.

4. The last step of the treatment involves using a handset that looks much like a wand. It is used as a tool to remove the wrinkles that go deeper in your skin. It also improves blood flow by polishing off the network of lymphs present under the skin. Finally, a hydrating mask is applied to the treatment area to improve collagen formation. A treatment session usually lasts for an hour and a half and it is recommended to have ten such sessions for optimum results.

Now, are you wishing, if this CACI non surgical facelift could be done at home instead of going to a cosmetic skin clinic? Well its possible! Get a personal facial toning system and you will not have to book appointments at the clinics. The device emits low-frequency micro current pulses to your body and make you feel no pain in the process. The cosmetic procedure is absolute safe and has no health hazard.