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6 Renowned Non Invasive Facelift Procedures

Posted Date :        June 23, 2017

If you are getting troubled with ageing-signs then you should look for the best non-surgical options of face-lifting for receiving greater effectiveness along with high-level safety. You should prepare a list of the most popular non-surgical options so that the best one can be chosen. In this respect, you can also follow the recommendations of the exert doctors. 

Popular non-invasive facelift-treatments: 


botox for facelift



In this respect, nuero-modulator is being injected within skin-muscles so that muscles can receive temporary relaxation. This is how wrinkle-creation can be effectively prevented in future. Moreover, the current wrinkles can also be corrected with this treatment. Upper facelifts can be now safely done with this kind of advanced treatment.  


dermal fillers for facelift


Dermal Fillers:

New jowls and falling cheeks can be easily corrected with this treatment. Lost facial-volume can be restored with these kinds of fillers. Many people think that dermal-fillers are invasive in nature but this concept is not true at all. You can now consider this treatment as either liquid facelift or lunch-time lift. Some commonest dermal-fillers that have recently come into being are collagen-based fillers, semi-permanent fillers, permanent fillers and hyaluronic-acid fillers. Spaces and lines can be filled nicely with this treatment. You can now get perfect plumpness instantly with dermal-fillers. This non-invasive skin-lifting treatment is effective in dealing nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip lines, scar indentations, sunken areas and others. Doctor’s instructions need to be sincerely followed for avoiding unwanted side-effects.


facelift fat transfer


Fat Transfer:

If you are looking for the best alternative of dermal filler then fat-transfer is the best solution. Excess fats from other body parts can be reinjected to the desirable locations. This grafting is made for compensating unwanted volume loss of your face. Some prominent areas that can be corrected by this treatment are concave cheeks, skin depressions, acne scars, lips, crow’s feet, smile lines, laugh lines and others. Many popular skin care specialists have mentioned that long-term and natural lifting results can be acquired only from this treatment. 





Redness, blotchiness, fine-lines and pigmentation can be now easily and accurately corrected by means of intense-pulse light. In this case, lasers are also being used as a part of advanced light-technology. Different effective skin-care products are being recommended by doctors so that post-treatment side-effects can be dealt nicely. If you want to receive the best IPL treatment then you have to choose the right thread lift clinic of your place.


facelift kybella



If you are willing to receive jaw line-correction with the lifting of heavy sagging-neck then you should go for this particular option. Kybella is nothing but a fat-blasting medicine. This medicine needs to be injected at the targeted area for fulfilling the purpose of tightening sagging skin. This procedure does not involve much time but you might feel a bit uncomfortable at the time of conducting the procedure. Tenderness, stinging and swelling at the targeted areas will last for minimum two-three weeks after the procedure. This procedure works pretty well for lower facelifts.


laser facelift


Laser Lifts:

These lifts are being done with the use of powerful laser-energy. In this respect, minimum invasive-efforts are included for lifting sagging skins. Laser-energy penetrates within the skin-layers for repairing the damaged-cells, melting fats and for tightening skin. Neck and lower-face are the targeted areas where this kind of cosmetic anti-ageing treatment is being implemented. Instantly sculpted and chisel results can be gained and these results will last for long. Incisions are being made behind eras and below chin so that finest laser can be smoothly threaded beneath the skin for removing fat and tightening the areas. Some rejuvenation methods can be practiced in this regard for catering greater support to laser-lifts.