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How to Overcome Your Chest and Neck Wrinkles

Posted Date :        June 09, 2017
how to get rid of chest and neck wrinkles

The skin on the chest and neck gets the same sunlight like your face and they require proper protection. You begin to notice loose and sagging skin, wrinkles in the chest and neck as you become old. Direct exposure to sunlight and signs of aging can lead to chest and neck lines, redness, brown spots, blotchiness and wrinkles. There are repair creams, sunscreens, vitamin products and antioxidants available for protecting the skin of neck and chest. They have been tested by dermatologists and help in the prevention of skin damage.

About chest and neck wrinkles

Different kinds of chest and neck wrinkles occur as you become old or are premature. You may find some horizontal lines on your neck known as necklace lines. They may start in the 20s or during childhood. You may find loose or saggy neck skin that occurs as you age or wrinkles on the chest. You may visit a reputed skin care clinic in London for facelift surgery and reduce the signs of aging and facial wrinkles. 

The theories related to neck and chest wrinkles

Your sleeping position is an important factor for chest and neck wrinkles, though loss of collagen and sun exposure is considered to be major reasons behind it. Chest wrinkles usually occur due to the sleeping position on your side. Though these lines seem to vanish as you are young, your skin will find more difficulty in “snapping back” when you become old.

Solutions to overcome wrinkles and fine lines

Botox injections, laser treatments or chemical peels can help solve the problem of chest and neck wrinkles. According to the studies published in the “Dermatological Surgery”, Poly-L-Lactic acid injection on the cheat and neck wrinkles may improve the overall appearance. This will also help adjust with the sleeping position to further prevent chest wrinkles.

Important considerations

Despite your age or wrinkles, you should keep your skin protected from the sun. This is applicable for the exposed skin that includes chest, facial skin and neck. It is advised to take a sunscreen with UV blocker to get protection from the direct rays of sun. Direct exposure to UV rays will increase the risk of skin cancer and lead to premature signs of aging.

Different options are there to solve the problem of chest and neck wrinkles however, it is a wise decision to avoid them. Take care of your beautiful skin to prevent the signs of aging and fine lines.  

If you think your chest and neck wrinkles have become unbearable, talk to your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist who can help you in this regard. Schedule appointments with the skin care specialist for regular screenings for decolletage wrinkle treatment and perform any skin related treatment before they may become loose or saggy with age.