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Important Questions and Answers about Facelifts

Posted Date :        April 20, 2017
Facelifts Questions and Answers

Why does your skin show wrinkles and fine lines as you age? Well, this might happen due to various reasons such as sun damage, exposure to pollutants and much more. Both elasticity and collagen levels decrease as you age. Though collagen improves skin firmness, elastin ensures elasticity of skin.

Various cosmetic products are there to lessen the signs on your face. However, it might be quite difficult to recover from the signs of ageing with them only. A cosmetic procedure is there that helps tighten your skin and facial muscles in such a situation. With facelift, you can get rid of loose and saggy facial skin thus, restoring your youthfulness. Let us go through 10 important questions about facelift before undergoing the treatment.

Who is the right candidate for facelift?

There is no specific age or profile for the ones who want to undergo the therapy. The suitable candidate is anyone in good health, a non-smoker and can avoid blood-thinning medications for two weeks before the surgery. The procedure can be done by considering your age, size and body type.

What kind of facelift is suitable?

You need to find the right surgeon for the therapy than selecting your own technique. If you are satisfied with the results of a surgeon, then get the treatment done under him.

How will you look different?

With a good facelift, you will look young and refresh. The best facelifts are the ones that give you a natural look which shows nothing has actually been done than rest and relaxation. It is important to choose the right surgeon in order to be sure that you look just like yourself.

What should you consider in a plastic surgeon?

You and your surgeon should have the same thinking of how much change will really take place. Make sure they specialise on facial reconstruction and have the proper credentials from an accredited medical board.

How long the surgery will take and what is the recovery time versus fillers?

Usually, facelifts take 3-4 hours. However, the recovery time might differ, and swelling recedes in the next 10 to 14 days. It is advised to go for surgery about a month before there is some special occasion.

Dermal fillers are actually temporary solutions that add volume to tissues. They usually last for months than years however, can be complementary to facelifts.

What are the risks associated with it?

Facelifts are a safe procedure when performed by a well-trained surgeon who is capable in judging, evaluating and surgical technique. Like any form of surgery, facelift too carry some risks. There can be infection but this hardly takes places due to abundant supply of blood of the face.

What is the difference between upper and lower facelift surgery as well as mini-lifts and neck lifts?

Upper face lift surgery and lower face lift surgery are usually done together. Mini-lifts are usually performed for the ones who have minor concerns about their jowl and cheeks. They are often done for refreshing a face that had undergo a facelift before. A neck lift is associated with neck skin deformity or redundancy, and involves an opening beneath the chin and behind the ear.

If you have further questions about the treatment, feel free to contact our experts at Thread Lift Clinic and get their valuable suggestion.