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Causes of Double Chin and How to Get Rid of It

Posted Date :        August 18, 2017
Causes of double chin

Are you giving a pose for clicking some selfies? Though it seems quite easy and quick, you need to position properly so that your double chin does not come in between the image. Human bodies might show the perfect figure, but double chin can haunt us. There arises an important question, “What leads to a double chin?”  “How can you overcome it?” You may perform double chin surgery at a reputed clinic in London.

What causes a double chin?

A double chin is caused due to the layer of fat that gathers around your neck and forces the sagging skin. Some families are affected by double chins through genetical problems that affects where fat gets accumulated in the body or know about the bone structure of the chin. However, others will develop a double gain due to more weight. However, double chin does not vanish for some people after weight loss.

How can you overcome double chin fat?

Whatever might be the reason for a double chin, there are many effective solutions for overcoming it. You can visit Thread Lift clinic where the specialists provide double chin removal surgery in an effective way.

How is double chin reduction related to liposuction?

Liposuction is the method of eliminating fat cells from some parts of your body that do not respond to exercise and diet. A dermatologic surgeon will create a small incision into the affected area and use a tube known as a cannula to get rid of the fat. This can be done with tumescent local anesthesia when the patient remains awake throughout the treatment procedure. As this is a surgical procedure, the recovery time will depend on the overall health condition that may last for almost two weeks. You can get back to your normal activities within a week after undergoing the treatment. Talk to the experts who can suggest some exercises to reduce double chin and cheeks.

How can you freeze away double chin with coolsculpting?

There is a non-invasive and FDA approved option for double chin known as coolscultping. You will find a small vacuum applicator placed on the affected area and your skin comes into contact with the cooling panels. The cold leaves an anesthetic effect on the treated area while the fat gets cooled over by an hour to a fat-freezing temperature. The frozen fat cells gets absorbed by your body and finally, removed.

There isn’t any recovery time for the procedure. You may experience slight bruising or redness in the treated area, but the effects will vanish within a few hours. You might require several treatments, but there is a noticeable difference within two to three months.

By now, you must have understood what actually causes double chin and different ways to overcome it. You can contact our team of experts at Thread Lift Clinic and schedule an appointment for initial consultation. The professionals will check your complete medical record and perform the treatment in the safest way possible. Besides, they also perform facelift threading for patients who are looking for it.