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All About Mini Facelift Surgery

Posted Date :        May 15, 2017
Know More about Mini Facelift Surgery

A beautiful face attracts everyone and is always a charming attention at social gatherings. However, time plays a significant role on your beauty like it does on every other thing. Aging fades the charm and glow on your face but thanks to the developoing medical treatments in the beauty industry. Noiw, you can retain youthful skin with effective mini lower facelift surgery. The innovative treatment gives promising results to the seeking patients, no matter it is for a women at her 30 or late 40s. Let us know more about the process and the way it is performed.

Mini-facelift Surgery

Sometimes also referred as S-lift, short scar facelift, quick lift, it is a simple rejuvinating treatment which effectively works on the lower third of your face. It also includes other surrounding areas such as your neck and jowls.

Need to choose the surgical procedure

You will find various positive reasons to go for mini-facelift. Some of which are:

  • It gives you same day results without major bruising or swelling. Ofcourse, there will be some but to a minimum level.
  • It is much more affordable than traditional facelift.
  • The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.
  • The average time taken for the surgery is 45 minutes only.
  • Minimum downtime, you can even continue with your work the same day.
  • You will recover just in 2-5 days time instaed of 3 weeks as in conventional facelift.  

Right Candidate for mini-facelift

The following points describes if you are the right candidate for the treatment, read on:

  • If you are suffering from moderate skin sagging around your jawline, neck and cheek.
  • You are healthy between the age of 30 to 60.
  • Your facial bone structure is properly developed.

On the contrary, if you have excessive sagging over your jowls, neck, forehead and even eyebrows, you should better go for a more advanced therapy.

The working process

First of all, you will be given a dose of local anesthesia before getting the surgery started. Once your face turns numb, the surgeon will make an S-shaped incision in the treatment area. The incision starts from your sideburn and stops at your earlobe making an S-shape. Unlike traditional facelift, the incision is made comparatively higher stretching towards your hairline. The approximate length of the incision made is 2 inches from your neck.   

Mini-facelift surgery elevates your skin removing extra or sagging skin on your lower face, neck and jowls. It reverses the effect of drooping and jowling, giving you a younger-looking skin without disturbing the surrounding tissues.

Possible results from the surgery

Truly speaking, you won’t get the same level of results as traditional facelift surgery. A mini-facelift surgery renders you smoother and younger look with minimum side-effects like bruising or swelling. The most important thing to look upon is that it gives you a natural looking skin in contrary to the earlier artificial and “over-operated” results from facial treatments. If you are interested to have a younger-looking skin non-invasively, it is teh best solution to your skin problems.  

Undoubtedly, the surgery is showing up great results for the undergoing patients and Thread Lift feels pround to offer this effective surgical procedure to you.