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Revealing the Truth Behind Skin Sagging

Posted Date :        May 09, 2017
Skin Sagging Facts and Myths

Each of us is always concerned about our looks and appearances. No matter how well you take care of your skin, but it has to go through the tough phase of aging one day or the other. Both men and women hear several facts about skin sagging; some of which sound really disturbing. But, how many of those are actual facts and not merely myths? Well, you are just a few lines away from the answer. Yes, we have brought together some most common facts and myths about skin sagging which needs your close attention.

1. Facial exercises can help minimise skin sagging

TRUE: This is true but parially. Such exercises increase facial muscles which although takes away some sagging but leaves expression lines eventually. If you feel like trying out these exercises, ask your dermatologist before making the final decision. You can also try undergoing sagging cheeks treatment at a reputed skin clinic in your city.

2. Some products can help fight sagging

TRUE: Some prescription retinoids or over-the-counter retinols can help you increase production of Vitamin C seruns and collagen. It restores elasticity to an extent. You should consult your dermatologist about more favorable skin products that help improve collagen and hyaluronic acid production.

3. Losing weight can lead to facial sagging

TRUE: Weight gain and weight loss affects your skin in a similar manner. On gaining weight, your skin straches to cope up with the extra added fat on your face. Likewise, it droops down and loses elasticiy during weight loss. You might notice dull jaw and under eye bags as you age which makes your skin look saggy.

4. Running is a cause behind facial sagging

FALSE: Facial sagging has got two main scienntific age-related causes which includes collagen loss and loss of facial fat. Lack of collagen affects yur skin elasticity and lost facial fat makes your skin to droop. While running or jogging, your whole body is in motion and this is quite illogical to speak or believe that running can affect your collagen or facial fat in particular.

However, exercising for long hours oudoor can lead to collagen breakdown due to excess exposure to UV radiations. So, it is better you workout under shelter.

5. Sleeping on your stomach leads to skin sagging

FALSE: In no way does your sleeping style causes facial sagging. However, it can result in sleep wrinkles which reflects in the fine lines adn creases when you wake up and look in the mirror. These are caused by the pillow which eventually goes away in hours. But when you get older, it starts settling down as fine lines on your face. To be on the safer side and avoid aging for a little longer, try sleeping on your back.

By now, you might have got a clear idea about these facts and myths of facial sagging. We, at Thread Lift, can help you retain the younger look with our sagging cheeks treatment.